Works ten weeks a year – that’s how much Mikael Tornving earns

Works ten weeks a year thats how much Mikael

When Mikael Thornwing guested the Success podcast with Alexander Pärleros so a main topic in the episode was a part about Tornving’s economic thinking. He has made a major change in his life where he sold his previous, large apartment and changed his lifestyle in order to stop working as much as before.

He also told about an occasion when he was younger when he requested a lower salary from his employer.

– Why did you do that?, Pärleros asked.

That’s why Mikael Tornving lives on just 38 square meters

– My boss offered me a salary. And I lost at least SEK 10,000… Then of course he asked why I did it? But it was like this… this was a consulting company and I knew that I would be measured on what I pulled in. Then I wanted to work alone for six months because I guessed it would take between six months and a year before I had any kind of income to talk about, he said and continued:

Mikael Tornving talked about his new life with Alexander Pärleros. Image source: Stella Pictures

– The less I cost this company during the apprenticeship period, the safer I can be in the learning process when you have to build a network and other things that take time. So I also had the opportunity to take a lower salary as I lived cheaply, could go to work and so on. But for me it’s important not to feel the stress of having to deliver at a high level NOW. But you can sneak up there when the numbers have gone up, he concluded.

That’s how much Mikael Tornving earns

Today, Tornving works with Jeopardy and Kompani Svan, which then takes about ten work weeks per year of his time.

But how does he get it together then?

“I asked about getting a lower salary,” said Mikael. Image source: Stella Pictures

Among other things, Mikael has sold off some forest up in Jämtland. On the way to work, so have News24 looked up his income.

In 2022, Mikael Tornving had a fixed earned income of SEK 628,600. He also had a surplus of capital of SEK 259,794.

His company Mikael Tornving AB has assets of around six million kroner. He also has a company that deals with forest management where the turnover is not visible.