Workplace accident: Woman was crushed in a meat grinder

Workplace accident Woman was crushed in a meat grinder

During the fall of 2023, a woman worked mixing minced meat in a floor-mounted mixing machine at a restaurant in Köping.

To get ingredients into the blender, the woman had to manually poke things into the container where the minced meat was, while the machine was running and mixing.

The meat mincer was manufactured in 1989

The mixing machine was manufactured in 1989 and lacked protection against moving parts, it is stated in the prosecution’s injunction which News24 took part in. When the woman was about to poke down ingredients, she squeezed her hand between the dough hook and the inside of the stainless steel vessel.

The restaurant must be fined SEK 100,000

Now the restaurant must pay SEK 100,000 in corporate fines for work environment violations.

It is believed that the person at the company who would have been responsible for the woman’s work environment did not follow the Work Environment Act and ensured that the machine had protection against moving parts.

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