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“There will be no time for action.” After a seminar this Saturday with his government team finally complete, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal detailed in The Parisian the timetable of reforms planned by the executive for the coming months. Taking up and clarifying the main points of his general policy declaration, as he already did on the set of France 2 on Thursday evening, the Prime Minister outlined what his government’s action will be over the seasons. “From this spring we will resolve several emergencies,” explained Gabriel Attal, who then plans a “summer of social progress” and an “autumn of work”.

First subject mentioned: agriculture. Faced with the crisis in the agricultural world as soon as he took office, the Prime Minister announced that he would again receive farmers’ representatives at the start of the week. He also once again confirmed the preparation of an agricultural orientation bill which will be presented at the time of the Agricultural Show (February 24 to March 3).

“Act II of labor market reform”

On the economic level, Gabriel Attal returns to original macronism, promising to “lift one by one the shackles that restrain the French”, as well as announcing a draft “Macron 2 law” presented before the summer “to liberate the economic activity, growth and industrial development. The Prime Minister highlights in particular a certain number of sectors and professions “for which we can simplify a certain number of rules” as well as “the conditions of access”.

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The Prime Minister also announced that a bill “for Act II of the labor market reform” would be presented next September, and that he was “following the discussions” between the social partners concerning labor market reform. unemployment insurance, in order to “ensure that the gap between work and inactivity is ever greater”. Gabriel Attal finally also promises to move forward on the subject of solidarity “at the source”: “at the very end of the summer, we are going to experiment with pre-filling the application forms for the activity bonus and the RSA to fight against fraud and non-recourse. We will generalize it by 2025,” he says.

A “new anti-drug plan” from March

On the security side, the Prime Minister announced a “new anti-drug plan” in March in order to fight against drug trafficking, particularly in medium-sized towns, by giving the possibility (as Bercy had already announced) to be able to “freeze and seize the assets of traffickers”. In response to last summer’s riots, Gabriel Attal also plans for the spring “measures on juvenile justice (in order) to adapt our sanctions to the youngest”. Finally, the Prime Minister announced that he wanted to present a new strategy to combat burglaries before the summer holidays.

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Another aspect mentioned: the modification of the Solidarity and Urban Renewal (SRU) law, which sets quotas for social housing in certain municipalities, will be presented before the summer, announced Gabriel Attal, who once again recalled his objective of building 30 000 housing units in three years (when the Social Union for Housing, the federation of social landlords, estimated in a report last October at 518,000 the number of housing units to be built each year between now and 2040 to meet demand) .

A “real digital lock” for children under 13

Finally, among all the measures presented, Gabriel Attal also returned to the question of time spent on screens, particularly for the youngest, which President Emmanuel Macron has made a priority, to announce his intention to “work with the platforms to a real digital lock” which prevents minors under the age of 13 from accessing social networks.

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Still on youth, Elisabeth Borne’s successor at Matignon once again affirmed his full confidence in his new Minister of National Education Nicole Belloubet, who “will be a very good Minister of Education, I have no doubt “. Recalling once again the implementation from the next school year of the reform of the “shock of knowledge”, level groups in 6th and 5th as well as the new middle school certificate, despite the concern of the teaching world.