Work continues for Twitter Coins infrastructure

Work continues for Twitter Coins infrastructure

Twitter Coins LOG Design

been on the agenda for a while Twitter Coins It turned out that the work for Musk attaches great importance to this system.

Elon MuskHe wants to earn a lot of money from Twitter, for which he paid $ 44 billion. Musk also aims to bring content producers on the platform to the market in order to increase usage. Here is exactly one of the steps taken in this regard. Twitter Coins. Jane Manchun Wong Infrastructure brought forward by people, people like or find useful Twitter will allow content producers to financially support. Twitter Coins by web “Strip” Coins that will be purchased with real money and not spent will continue to be kept in personal accounts.

For this infrastructure, which was not expected to be opened in Turkey at the first stage, the “Coins” category, which you can see above, will be added to the left-hand menu of Twitter. The company will use a gold coin icon with a white Twitter logo on these Coins. By the way, as additional information Twitter now has 60-minute videos. Jane Manchun Wong reveals this with her post right below.

Other developments for Twitter are also on the agenda. for example Elon Muskgiven to a question from Twitter last month. “Yeah” on the platform with the answer announced that the character limit would increase from 280 to 4,000. In this way, the CEO of the company is on the phones for long explanations. didn’t want to use screenshots taken from the notes app. There was a new statement that brought this issue back to the agenda last week. Musk previously announced on Twitter. announced that long Tweets will be available in early February.


Again, according to Musk, the platform will be released by the end of next week. A new navigation infrastructure is also coming. This new structure is said to be “most popular Tweets” with “latest TweetsIt will allow the transition between ” to be made with side-scrolling. For this now, it is necessary to press the star icon in the upper right corner and make a selection from there. It is also among the information given by Musk that you can quickly switch to topics and trending content pages with the new navigation system based on scrolling.