Work, Calderone: commitment to review fixed-term contracts

Work Calderone commitment to review fixed term contracts

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – Marina CalderoneMinister of Labor and Social Policies, he “undertakes” to “review the institution of the fixed-term contractspecifying its contents, making it one effective and flexible tool to increase employment e setting limits such as to ensure greater control of the legitimacy of its use”.

Responding to a question from the M5S on the precariousduring the question time in the Senate, Calderone added of not wanting to eliminate “every type of cause” from contracts fixed-term, but also specified that “a strict typology legal cause” could “represent a limit for the country’s entrepreneurial and labor system”.

Still on the subject of job insecurity, the Minister also answered a question on voucher for housework, stating that “I’m not a tool that stimulates precariousness” and indeed “they can represent the legal basis for small housework or for supplementary private teaching”.

Regarding Anpal, Calderone specified that a change in governance is not planned but an update of the statute.