Woodstock resident hits a $1-million instant win jackpot

Woodstock resident hits a 1 million instant win jackpot

Woodstonian Earl Scott was in disbelief when he scratched his Instant Jackpot Multiplier ticket while still in the store.

Not a regular player of this particular game, Scott double checked the results.

“This can’t be right,” the transportation worker said to himself.

Then, he scanned the ticket four more times before showing the results to the Shell gas station clerk, who was equally shocked.

Scott had hit the jackpot, winning a top prize of $1 million.

Eventually Scott’s wife, who was waiting in the car, came into the Dundas Street store to find out what was delaying him.

“I told her I just won a million dollars, and she said, ‘Great, can we go home now? I’m tired,” Scott said with a laugh.

A regular lottery player who enjoys both draws and scratch tickets, Scott never actually expected to win such a large prize. The best part, he said, was seeing a $1-million check with his name on it.

With the jackpot, Scott plans to pay off the remainder of his mortgage before taking a celebratory trip with his wife.

“I’ll enjoy settling into life as a millionaire,” he said.