Women’s Lions captain Jenni Hiirikoski in a dangerous accident in the Swedish ice hockey finals – got a cut on her neck from the skate

Womens Lions captain Jenni Hiirikoski in a dangerous accident in

Jenni Hiirikoski, who plays in Lulea, was injured in a collision with a player from the opposing team after getting a cut on her neck from a skate.

Hockey defenseman Jenni Hiirikoski has been injured in a dangerous-looking situation in the Swedish hockey finals in the match between Luulaja and Brynäs.

Hiirikoski, 35, representing the home team Luulaja, got a cut on his neck from an opponent’s skate in a collision and was left lying on the ice. The accident happened three minutes before the end of the match.

The match’s medical staff treated Hiirikoski on the ice for 15 minutes and carried him off the field on a stretcher. Hiirokoski was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

The match was stopped, but it was able to be continued when it became clear that Hiirikoski’s life was not in danger. Before the stoppage, Luulaja was leading the match 4–3.

– The situation is under control and it is a superficial wound on the neck, tell (you switch to another service)i Reporter of the Swedish public broadcasting company SVT Dusan Umicevic.

Hiirikoski is the long-time captain of the Finnish national team and has won three Olympic bronze medals in Naisleijon, among other things.

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