Women born in the 70s are most stressed at work

The survey is based on a total of over 800,000 responses from employee surveys.

People born in the 70s experience the most stress at work, where 64 percent answered that they have a reasonable level of stress at work. 80-somethings and 60-somethings are almost equally stressed, with 65 percent answering that the stress level is reasonable.

The least stressed are people in their 50s, where 71 percent think the stress level is reasonable, and people born in the 2000s, where 68 percent answered the same.

High demands and the menopause

The survey also shows that women are more stressed than men. According to the research and analysis company Brilliant Future, there are several reasons why women born in the 70s end up at the top.

– They have high demands on themselves. They have reached a point in their career that requires time and commitment. They often have children staying at home at the same time as the parents are getting older and they too need time. Added to all this is the menopause, which affects mood and stress, says Sofie Johansson, who is an expert in employee surveys.

Ambiguity causes stress

We are generally more stressed now than a year ago. According to the analysis company, what is happening in the outside world, for example the interest rate situation, can play a role in this. What it is at work that causes high stress can also be deduced.

– It is mainly about lack of clarity, says Sofie Johansson. Lack of clarity at the organizational level, i.e. where should the company go, which direction should we go. But it is also about lack of clarity for the individual, in the role description, what am I actually supposed to do.