Woman suspected of involvement in restaurant murder in Norrköping

It was on November 27 that the 22-year-old man was shot to death inside a restaurant on Stockholmsvägen in Norrköping. According to the police intelligence service, the man was connected to the Navestad/Hageby-based “Kalo” network. And the incident is probably part of the gang conflict that is currently going on in the city.

Female suspect

Several people were arrested on suspicion of murder. One of the suspects died in custody – and the others were released after a few days. Aftonbladet was the first to report on it the female suspect who was arrested last week, but has now been released.

The wave of violence in Norrköping

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  • – I cannot say anything about what role we suspect she had. It risks ruining the investigation, says Jan Staaf.

    Likely revenge shooting in Marielund

    At the same time, a young woman, written in Gävle, is suspected of involvement in the murder in Marielund that occurred on December 20 last year. That murder is very likely an act of revenge for the restaurant murder.

    – Historically, it has been very unusual for women to be involved in this type of event. But we see it more and more, and it can be both about the fact that they are the ones who carry out the actions or that they have a more peripheral role, says Jan Staaf.

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    SVT’s reporter has met the manager who runs the restaurant where a young man was shot to death. Hear him tell about the incident in the clip. Photo: Martin Klevelid/SVT