Woman received parking fine after snow chaos in Skåne

It was between 20 and 30 minutes that a woman in Skåne was away from her car after driving into a snowdrift outside a parking garage. While she was away getting help, she received a parking ticket, reported Ystad’s everything.

Louise Bill, CEO of the Swedish parking association Svepark, says that it is an unfortunate case and that she understands if you feel offended.

– It is important to point out that the parking attendant’s job is not to conduct an investigation of what may have happened, but the parking attendant must look at traffic safety, accessibility and accessibility, she says.

The district court’s judgment

The police are responsible for cases involving street land and private property. Jens Lapidus, author and former lawyer, believes that law should be dry and without emotions. It must ensure that the law judges everyone equally and that the judgment does not become personal.

– But in this particular case, I think it was unnecessarily harsh, says Jens Lapidus.

The woman appealed the fine, but the Ystad district court ruled that it was correctly issued. They said that as a vehicle owner, you have a responsibility to anticipate unexpected situations.

– There is no elaborate practice for how long you can be away or how you can stand, says Jens Lapidus.

In cases like this, a reasonableness assessment is made. The district court has therefore judged that it is not reasonable to be away from the car for half an hour when you have driven into a snowdrift.

That’s what the law says about the case

– The parking notice that is involved in this case is when you are illegally parked on the street, then you have to turn to the police or the municipality, says Jens Lapidus.

According to him, few proceed with similar cases because it takes time, costs money and is difficult to win. The case of the woman who drove into a snowdrift is also not counted as an emergency.

– Distress in Swedish law is a very strong distress, says Jens Lapidus.

This means matters that are urgent and can pose a danger to life, which cannot be considered when driving into a snowdrift.

This applies to parking fines

• The police and the municipality issue parking notices when someone is illegally parked on the street. It is appealed to the police.

• Control fee is issued by parking companies or land owners. This applies to private property such as parking garages, parking lots or plots of land. It is appealed to the parking company.

Source: The Swedish Transport Agency

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Woman got stuck in a snowdrift – got a parking fine

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