Woman hit in Uppsala – the driver fled the scene of the accident

A woman has been taken to hospital after being hit in central Uppsala.
The police are now looking for the driver – who left the scene of the accident.
– It is a crime to deviate, says Magnus Jansson Klarin, press spokesperson at police region mitt.

The woman is said to have been driven at around 30 kilometers per hour. The police were alerted to the accident at 1:20 p.m.

– The woman complained of injuries but was still awake and able to speak when she was taken to hospital, says Magnus Jansson Klarin.

Several witnesses to the accident have told the police that they saw the driver swerve.

– The car has been reported and we are still looking for it, says Magnus Jansson Klarin.

– It is a crime to deviate, then you never know how it happened. It could be that the driver does not know that it has hit someone. But if you are as attentive as you should be, you should notice it.

The police state that they have received information to go on, but it is not something they want to go out with at the moment.

– But we have good hopes of being able to find the car and the driver, says Magnus Jansson Klarin.

The police have drawn up a report about illegal departure from the scene of a traffic accident