Woman found dead under Christmas tree in central Boden

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The woman was reported missing on December 18 when neither neighbors nor relatives had seen or heard from her during the past five days.

– We started looking for the woman following the route we thought she used to take to and from her home, and on the night of December 19, we found her dead under the Christmas tree at Medborgarplatsen in Boden, Anette Krig tells SVT Nyheter Norrbotten.

“I had to go past the tree”

How the woman could lie for a long time under the Christmas tree in the middle of the Christmas rush without anyone seeing her has of course been pondered by Anette Krig:

– I had to walk past the tree and I can say that it is a very dense tree whose branches go right down to the ground. When you see the tree, you understand why no one discovered it, says Anette Krig SVT Nyheter Norrbotten.

No one knows how the woman ended up under the tree, but the police do not suspect any crime.