Woman charged with refusal after crashing into St. Clair River: Sarnia police

Woman charged with refusal after crashing into St Clair River

A woman has been charged with refusing to provide a breath sample, but there were no injuries after a car crashed into the St. Clair River near downtown Sarnia and sank, police say.

The car went into the busy waterway near Ferry Dock Hill around 11 pm Monday. The driver, the only person in the vehicle, climbed out and swam to shore.

A Sarnia police officer arrived soon after.

“The officer conducted an investigation and as a result of that investigation charged her with refusal,” a police spokesperson said Thursday via email.

But the female suspect was not injured and was driven home afterward, police said. Police did not identify her.

The vehicle was nearly five meters from shore and sank more than six meters before being removed by a dive team located across the river in St. Clair County, Mich. There was no environmental impact from the crash, police said.

Sarnia police posted a photo of the incident on Twitter, showing an apparently red-coloured car barely afloat.

Sarnia firefighters also were on stage and posted a photo as well.