Woman attacked restaurant staff


  • Woman attacked restaurant staff

    At around 2 p.m., the police were called to a restaurant in Solna, north of Stockholm.

    – There is a woman in a restaurant who tries to take money from the till and then resorts to violence against a woman in the staff, says Daniel Wikdahl at the Stockholm Police.

    The woman allegedly managed to get hold of some money, but the staff managed to take it back.

    Later she disappeared from the scene.

    – Some restaurant guest also went in and tried to interrupt and then the guest’s glasses broke.

    The woman from the staff had to go by ambulance to the hospital but is not said to be seriously injured.

    The incident is being investigated as an attempted robbery.


  • The ethics case: The prosecutor wants at least ten years in prison

    The prosecutor requests a prison sentence of at least ten years, which is longer than what the district court sentenced to, in the aforementioned ethics case.

    The ethics case is being heard today in the Court of Appeal.

    You can read more here.

  • Man on electric scooter hit by tram

    A man on an electric scooter is said to have been hit by a tram in Gothenburg, GP reports.

    – He was awake and talking, so according to initial information there should not be any serious injuries, says police spokesperson August Brandt to the newspaper.

  • Germany: Man with knife threatens to blow up house

    A man in Hamburg has been arrested after, armed with a knife, he barricaded himself in an apartment building and threatened to blow up the house, according to German media.

    Police, ambulance and fire department are on site.

    There are no reports of injuries.

  • Ring neck 4 down to half power

    Ring Hals 4 runs at half power. Archive image. Photo: Annika Örnborg/Ringhals

    One of the reactors at the Ringhals nuclear power plant is down to half power and now the shutdown has been extended for a week. The outage, which was first announced on Tuesday, was unplanned and due to maintenance of a generator, according to a statement from the Nord Pool power exchange.

    The loss of half the power at Ringhals 4 is expected to last until June 28.

    Since before, the second reactor at Ringhals has also been shut down for an annual audit.

  • Eight dead in Rafah after Israeli attack

    Eight people have died after Israeli tanks advanced further into Rafah on Wednesday, Reuters reports.

    According to residents on site, the tanks must have driven into five different blocks during the night.

    Heavy shelling must have taken place and refugee tents were hit.

  • Climate activists spray paint Stonehenge

    Climate activists have spray-painted the Unesco World Heritage Stonehenge with orange paint.

    The climate group Just Stop Oil, which carried out the campaign, demands that the incoming British government sign a legally binding treaty to phase out fossil fuels by 2030.

    Two people have been arrested, local media reports.

  • Airplanes have crashed into deer

    An airplane and a deer collided during the morning at Avesta Airport.

    The incident happened on the runway and the deer is said to have died.

    No one has been injured, but the aircraft is said to have sustained some damage.

  • Shooting in Södertälje

    The police have an ongoing operation in Södertälje, in the Saltskog area. The police confirm that shots have been fired at a residence. According to Aftonbladet’s information, it is the door that was fired upon.

    – People have been found in the building, at the moment we have no information that anyone is injured, says Susanna Rinaldo, the police’s spokesperson.

    The police have several patrols on site and are looking for a perpetrator with, among other things, a helicopter. No one has been arrested yet, but a report has been drawn up about serious weapons offenses and attempted murder.

    – It is far too early to comment on any findings, says Susanna Rinaldo.

    According to information to Aftonbadet, a young person – wearing white clothes and riding an electric scooter – is a suspect.

  • Boat accident alarm

    According to information given to Aftonbladet, there is an alarm about a boat accident in central Stockholm.

    The rescue service confirms that it is a man who fell out of his canoe. He is now back in the canoe, well, and paddling on.

  • Three injured in workplace accident – got oil all over them

    Three people were injured in a workplace accident in Rottneros in Sunne municipality during Wednesday morning.

    – Unfortunately, two people have been seriously injured and all have been taken away by ambulance, says Sophia Jiglind, press spokesperson for the Bergslagen police region.

    The three people have burns after getting hot oil on them.

    – Initial information says that it was a cable, at some kind of format, that started to burn. There were flames, says Sophia Jiglind.

    The fire is out.

    The police have now cordoned off the workplace to carry out a technical investigation.

    – It is likely that a report of causing bodily harm to another will be drawn up.

  • Weber re-elected – Tobé vice-chairman

    German Manfred Weber is party chairman of the united European right-wing umbrella organization EPP and now also re-elected as their group leader in the EU Parliament. Archive image. Photo: Vadim Ghirda/AP/TT

    As expected, German Manfred Weber may continue as group leader in the EU Parliament’s largest party group, the Christian Democratic Conservative EPP.

    Weber was re-elected on Wednesday, when at the same time Swedish Tomas Tobé (M) became one of ten vice-chairmen in the group. Tobé received the second most votes in the election, only beaten by Poland’s Andrzej Halicki.

    In parallel, the parliament’s Green party group voted for German Terry Reintke and Dutch Bas Eickhout as their group leaders. Reintke is re-elected, while Eickhout replaces Belgian veteran Philippe Lamberts who has left the EU Parliament.

  • Sami villages stop hotel investment

    A detailed plan adopted for a private investment in a new hotel and lodge operation in the municipality of Arvidsjaur is annulled by the Land and Environmental Supreme Court, reports the Siren news agency.

    This after three affected Sami villages appealed the investment.

    The municipality of Arvidsjaur and the private company behind the venture had opposed the appeal.

  • Details: The border crossing in Rafah completely destroyed

    The border crossing in Rafah, which has long been the only way out of Gaza, is now completely destroyed, writes the Times of Israel.

    In addition to being a way out for the Gazans, it was also an important way in for emergency aid.

    This means that the emergency aid that is urgently needed in Gaza will not be able to reach the population.

    According to reports, many buildings are damaged and the main terminal is said to have burned.

  • Labor unions are denied lottery bets

    ABF, Folkets Hus och Parken and Unga Örnar were recently rejected on an application for a lottery investment, reports the Siren news agency.

    The associations had applied for a license for five years, which would generate a turnover of SEK 3 billion.

    The Swedish Gaming Authority assesses that the organizations do not meet the requirements. For ABF, it is, among other things, that the operation is already financed with state grants, which according to practice cannot be combined with funds from lotteries and games.

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  • Regarding p1 decision that summer is only broadcast in the SR app. Isn’t that a slap in the face to all pensioners who don’t have the app. What do pensioner organizations say about this? I can imagine that many older people are listening. Which only has the radio.

    Ronny Andersson.

    Hello! This is what it says on SR’s website: “If you want to listen to Summer in P1, you can either listen directly on FM at 1 p.m., just as usual, or on Sveriges Radio Play – where you can also listen to the summer episodes afterwards” .

    You can therefore listen live on the radio. However, you will not be able to listen to the episodes in other apps such as Spotify.

  • Reading about the exchange of prisoners with Iran. What happens to the doctor Djalali? He is not mentioned.

    Katarina Nordgren

    Hello! We don’t actually know, but we’re trying to find out now.

  • Hello Bo Göran! Now I assume we are thinking the same thing and you can’t find the article on the site. We have written about the scary accident here.

  • Has the airport at Palma reopened?


    Yes exactly. It was closed for a while but is now open again. Read more here.

  • Thank you for the eminent Valkompisen! A very good complement. Great with such quick responses. Hope to see him again in other contexts in the future! 😀


    Thank you for testing Valkompisen! It is not at all impossible that he will receive new information in the future. Until then, you can keep asking questions about what’s happening with the EU now, here!

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