Without Sky du Mont, the Bully sequel is lost

Without Sky du Mont the Bully sequel is lost

At the beginning of the year, Michael “Bully” Herbig dropped a bombshell when he announced the sequel to his biggest cinema hit, The Canoe of Manitu. Over 20 years later, the story of The Shoe of Manitu continues. In the wake of the announcement were made immediately three personal details mentioned. In addition to Bully, Christian Tramitz and Rick Kavanian are back on board – as actors and screenwriters.

What else could go wrong? The golden comedy trio once again ventures into the Wild West to set off a gigantic gag parade following in the footsteps of Winnetou and Co. But wait, not so fast! From the most reliable gag suppliers There is no trace of it in The Shoe of Manitu 2 so far. Without Sky du Mont the first film would only have been half as good and, above all, as funny.

Casting the Eyes Wide Shut star was the original’s greatest stroke of genius.

Sky du Mont steals every scene in The Shoe of Manitu as the charming villain Santa Maria

As a villain Santa Maria Sky du Mont Bully conquers Bully’s recreated western world. He steps out of a saloon to the sound of rough guitar, which shortly afterwards actually turns out to be a backdrop and simply tips over when he first encounters the cork of a champagne bottle. Before: Close-ups on black cowboy boots, spurs, sunglasses, hat. And the casual lighting of the match – all in slow motion, of course.

Constantine film

The Shoe of Manitu

Sky du Mont’s arrival turns The Shoe of Manitu into the power metal version of a Morricone Western that would ideally be a Matrix film. “Straight to hell”it bellows on the soundtrack as Santa Maria moves happily into the picture and one of his impudent grin sets up. He’s an ass. And Sky du Mont gives it exactly the repulsive charm that you can’t resist. Disgusting.

The role models are obvious, the poses are transparent and yet a certain coolness can still be felt Feel for the right timing don’t deny. Much of this is contained in the production, which enthusiastically quotes and emulates striking gestures from Hollywood cinema. A lot of the coolness and timing also goes back to Sky du Mont’s performance, who seems extremely relaxed at every second.

Sky du Mont sings and dances: Or how I learned to love the song from the Superperforator commercial

Bully in particular really excels in his multiple roles in front of the camera. Sky du Mont seems as if he stumbled into this film purely by chance and took advantage of the opportunity, to play some practical jokes. He is the most serious and at the same time the most dubious actor in the cast of The Shoe of Manitu. He doesn’t need more than a casual nod of the head to swap the booming metal for a light jingle.

Constantine film

The Shoe of Manitu

“Do you have one last wish?”asks Santa Maria in the film’s most memorable scene. His voice fluctuates between arrogant, confident of victory and politely interested. He doesn’t expect an answer. When Winnetouch actually wishes for something, namely this Song from the Superperforator commercial, Santa delivers against all expectations. Without hesitation. As if he had secretly hoped for exactly that.

No wonder Bully smuggled an encore of this musical sequence into (T)Raumschiff Surprise – Period 1. Santa at Noon is Sky du Mont’s well-deserved victory lap after his great Der Schuh des Manitu performance, garnished with the Schnuffi-Puffi song and probably the most insane shot of his entire career: The close-up of his grinwhen he rings the bell as Santa Maria.

The fun unpredictability of Santa Maria: If you want, you can get an ice cream now

What makes Sky du Mont so fascinating in The Shoe of Manitu is that he plays an evil character with the generosity of a lying gentleman who is bored with everything and probably himself. Nevertheless, his Santa Maria finds a big one somewhere Enjoy the western clichéthat he embodies. And at that very moment he says something completely banal that subverts the expectations of a meanie.

Constantine film

The Shoe of Manitu

“Now everyone goes to the toilet again… and then we ride off.” Gaga level 100 and an art break whose perfect execution would have made even Stanley Kubrick tremble. Sky du Mont brings a fun unpredictability to his game. Whenever you think you know what makes Santa Maria tick, he asks with a diplomatic gesture whether anyone else wants an ice cream.

At some point, of course, you understand the rhythm of this comedy and can guess which joke will be unearthed next with the folding chair. But here too, Sky du Mont proves himself to be the most valuable star in the Manitu cosmos: with the same dedication with which he scatters his art breaks, he lands even the clumsiest punchline – and with outrageous effortlessness.

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