within the Jewish community of New York, harsh opinions against Netanyahu

within the Jewish community of New York harsh opinions against

In the United States, Chuck Schumer’s very strong words against Benyamin Netanyahu continue to provoke reactions. The leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate believes that the Israeli Prime Minister is “ an obstacle to peace “. A feeling shared by quite a few of his voters within the Jewish community of New York.

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With our correspondent in New York, Loubna Anaki

As they left the Shabbat service in a Manhattan synagogue, many expressed their support for Chuck Schumer. “ I think he made completely reasonable and logical comments that represent what the voters who voted for him think. He should not be condemned or criticized for this », Confides a man.

In a speech delivered on March 14, the New York senator strongly criticized Benjamin Netanyahu’s current policy regarding the war in Gaza. And Chuck Schumer even called for elections in Israel. A message that particularly resonates with the more progressive New York Jewish community.

I think that Benyamin Netanyahu tries to cover up and hide his corruption. It operates according to a very radical, totally archaic, violent, vicious policy and this will never lead to peace in the region. », declares a faithful. “ We support Israel, without a doubt. But we are worried about the current situation in Gaza and faced with the number of innocent people killed on both sides », adds another.

Chuck Schumer’s statements are a little less unanimous within the Orthodox Jewish community of New York. But here, the votes in favor of unwavering support for Israel fell from 57% to 45% in five months.

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