With this technology, it is possible to hear the closest sound to nature.

With this technology it is possible to hear the closest

The launch meeting of “Si-Ser Ear Technic Transducers in the ear (TİE) Technology”, which offers the closest sound to nature among hearing aids, with the technology used for the first time in Turkey and in the world, was held at Pera Palace Hotel. Speaking at the launch meeting, Ear Technic AŞ Chairman of the Board, Mehmet Emin Agac, said that the TIE product, which was developed locally and nationally, has an innovative technology.

Noting that the product can be connected to all sound sources, Ağaç said, “We define the device as brain-friendly because it can perceive and transmit sound easily. Think of a radio, if you enter the frequency channel, you turn it off if there is rustling. There is no such thing in this device, it offers a completely natural sound.” said.

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Noting that the product is quite different from other hearing aids, Ağaç continued:

“In traditional devices, the speaker microphone is attached behind the ear. Therefore, all functions of the auricle are lost, incoming sounds are not transmitted to the brain easily, high frequencies are lost. This device can reduce the sound and rustle of the wind; it reduces noises by about 22 decibels. It can strengthen consonant letters, so words It can offer wide-frequency sound. Conventional hearing aids cannot do most of these because it does not activate the pinna. Because the device does everything, there is always an artificial sound and people cannot get used to their devices. The greatest efficiency in this device is getting used to the hearing aid in a short time.”


Mehmet Emin Agac stated that the battery is not changed in the device, so it is environmentally friendly and continued as follows:

“The hearing aid can be used for about 18 hours after being charged for 3 hours. There is a charging unit, it can be easily charged and used when you put it on. It does not require repair because the device consists of 3 parts. The broken part is directly replaced at the hearing center. It does not wait for service results. Its cost is low and the life of the hearing aid is longer. It is a domestic and national product, patented in the USA. It is currently under protection in 3 continents of the world. It is a product that is constantly being developed. We are currently trying to release its third generation. “The first and second versions are exported to 50 countries. The third version will also be exported to at least 50 countries in the next month or two.”

Tree added that many people in Turkey use the first and second versions of the product.

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At the introductory meeting, the players of the Hearing Impaired Education Foundation (İÇEV) Handball Team also experienced the device.