With this photo of herself young and without makeup, Carla Bruni accentuates her resemblance to this 27-year-old model

With this photo of herself young and without makeup Carla

Before shining with her soft voice, Carla Bruni made her mark with her successful career as a model. The star reminds us of her stunning beauty in this stunning nostalgic photo.

On her Instagram account, Carla Bruni published a photo of her young self on March 27, revealing all her beauty. Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife displays disturbing physical similarities with another star, and Internet users have pointed out this resemblance in comments.

Carla Bruni was already beautiful in the 90’s

Very active on Instagram, Carla Bruni brought a breath of nostalgia to her account with a photo dating from the 90s, at the height of her career as a top model. In this photo taken by the famous photographer Helmut Newton, the Italian displays a naked look, captivating attention with the piercing blue of her eyes. Extra-fine eyebrows, brown hair and hollow cheeks: Carla Bruni reminds us of her undeniable beauty which resembles that of a young star… Indeed, Bella Hadid, the model and younger sister of Gigi Hadid, is the exact copy of Carla Bruni during her thirties. A nice compliment for the 56-year-old singer, compared to the 27 year old American !

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Carla Bruni’s youth secrets

To ensure a dream figure and glowing skin at over 50, Carla Bruni takes care of her body, particularly through sport. The former First Lady of France admits to doing long sports sessions, with two hours a day of barre, elliptical or even Pilates. Concerning her diet, Carla Bruni makes sure to systematically eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day. However, the mother had to adapt her diet during her menopause which was accompanied by unwanted weight gain. “I stopped gaining weight. FinallyI simply stopped eating“, she confided in the podcast Come on, I dare! by Elsa Wolinski. On the program: only one meal per day. “I only have dinner. But that’s for professional reasons. If I did a job with really no image circumstances, I would gain five kilos. Quiet, cushy”she emphasized.