With the cancellation of Shadow and Bone, Netflix has eliminated another series that fans have been looking forward to for ages

With the cancellation of Shadow and Bone Netflix has eliminated

Netflix has once again struck mercilessly and canceled five series at once. This also includes the fantasy adaptation Shadow and Bone – Legends of Grisha, which after two seasons no sequel receives more. Fans have to be strong again, because a planned Shadow and Bone spin-off will never see the light of day.

Shadow and Bone spin-off has been canceled by Netflix

As What’s on Netflix has confirmed, the planned Shadow and Bone spin-off has been announced Six of Crows now also crushed. Over the first two seasons of the main series, the spin-off was slowly built up with its own characters: The Crows’ gang of thieves around Kaz Brekker (Freddy Carter), celebrated by fans, did not actually appear in the first book trilogy of the Grishaverse was only included to prepare them for their own filmed novel.

Showrunner Eric Heisserer also spoke in March 2023 about the fact that the Scripts for the spin-off already prepared have been. However, implementation is linked to the ordering of a third season of Shadow and Bone. In general, Six of Crows had not yet received the green light. Now the plans for this fantasy series have finally been canceled.

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