With REV Society, Aurore Jacques changes the tights and makes an eco-gesture for the planet

Diploma in hand Aurore Jacques founded REV Society in 2019. A brand of tights and socks made with textile production scraps. Aurore Jacques puts recycled nylon in her tights, and since its creation the brand has thus revalued more than a ton of textile waste. An ecosystem between France and Italy with an online sale only for ecological tights and much more.

“Creativity is also about taking things as they are, and how they could be seen or done differently. When we think of creativity, we often think of art, of drawing, but there is more to it. for me. There is an application that allows you to change everyday life through objects, or clothes in this case, that we create “

declares Aurore Jacques, founder ofREV Society.

There is meaning to the REV Society brand name. Dream and revolutionize. Dreaming, of course, of a better world that takes into account the environmental impact of the things we do and revolutionizing tights, which is a product that has been around for a long time but has not changed much for several decades. The idea is to include, a bit like in a club, we take into account the feedback from our customers, they also help us design new products. It’s a snap to include them in this brand ”, adds Aurore Jacques.

The founder of REV Society has a very general background. Sciences Po and business school. It was his first experiences in luxury that made him aware of environmental issues. For the creator of REV Society, it was important to focus on aesthetics, ethics and eco-responsible materials.

REV Society tights - French range 20D

Changing tights, women’s lives and doing good for the planet

In 2019, Aurore Jacques is entering the fashion market with recycled tights.

We use waste from the textile industry and since the creation of REV we have enabled more than one ton of this waste to be recycled. We go through a spinner in Italy. A spinner who uses his own waste. This reduces our dependence on hydrocarbons, uses about half the water and emits half the CO2 compared to conventional tights. In Italy, they are the pantyhose specialists in Europe today. It is in Italy that there is all the industrial fabric and research and development on Tights.

REV Society - Collection 2020

Eco-responsibility and French elegance

For Aurore Jacques, the design of her tights goes beyond the ecological advantage, it is also designing a comfortable product, with a longer and inclusive lifespan.

To make an ecological product, to make an ecological product that did not make sense, and then it is not necessarily attractive. It is so that women feel good in these tights, that they feel more beautiful with that we designed the brand. For us, the idea is to make tights, an everyday companion, that we can wear with most of our skirts and our dresses. », Concludes Aurore Jacques.

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