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With Herve strong emotions SessionLab

For SessionLab, Hortense Volle met the newcomer to French “electronic song”, Hervé. Portrait of a skin-deep thirtysomething whose first album, Hyper, gets dope with strong emotions, flows subtle and synthetic atmospheres. Listen to headphones (3D audio).

Hervé grew up in the Yvelines, between Versailles and Trappes, between French Touch and rap. It was in England, in the electro-pop duo Postaal, that he discovered the new wave of the 1980s. Result? His French “electronic song”, to use his expression, is dope with lively emotions, flows subtle and synthetic atmospheres.

At the height of his 30 years, Hervé has (almost) done everything: housekeeper, seller of ice cream or women’s shoes and even author for Johnny Hallyday. Today, he shines his own tracks with his first album, Hyper, whose reissue with five new titles was released in February 2021, the very day it was crowned Male Revelation of the Year at the Victoires de la Musique. Pretty, isn’t it?

Me, it is on the shores of the Mediterranean that I met Hervé. In Marseille, the city where his idol, French footballer and actor Eric Cantona was born. It was last October, at the Fiesta des Suds. And it was, in his image and that of his concert, damn intense.

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Extracts from the album Hyper – Extensions (Romance Music – 2021): The first day of the rest of my night ; treasure ; Featherweight heart ; So good from bad ; Fury to live ; Fear of words ; Airs of you ; Beautiful air ; Better world ; Rodeo

Extracts from the EP Melancholy FC (Romance Music – 2019): You tell me ; On reminder ; Go piano ; Melancholy FC

And also : Who killed Davy Moore? by Bernard Lavilliers feat. Eric Cantonna, Hervé, Izia, Gaëtan Roussel, Eric Cantona and Here we are by Postaal