With her low bun and glossy lips, Charlotte Casiraghi gives us a lesson in royal elegance of which only she has the secret

With her low bun and glossy lips Charlotte Casiraghi gives

This Sunday, November 19, Charlotte Casiraghi was present at Monaco’s national holiday. For the occasion, she had opted for a beauty look of unspeakable elegance. The proof in photos.

Charlotte Casiraghi is elegant whatever the situation and she once again proved it on the occasion of Monaco’s national holiday, November 19, 2023. Alongside her brothers Andrea and Pierre and her sister Alexandra de Hanover , she was nestled in a carmine red tweed set by Chanel. In terms of beauty, the 37-year-old Monegasque was also at the height of elegance: low bun and glossy mouth.

Charlotte Casiraghi displays simple and luminous makeup

As part of the celebration of Monaco’s National Day, Charlotte Casiraghi made another beautiful appearance. For her makeup, the niece of Prince Albert II chose to highlight her natural beauty with radiant skin, a wisp of mascara and a colored lipstick in glossy version. A way to illuminate her porcelain complexion and her hypnotic blue eyes. Another important detail that the beautystas did not fail to notice: Charlotte Casiraghi had matched her manicure to her outfit ! Indeed, the one who was dressed all in red for the occasion displayed nail polish of the same color.

Charlotte Casiraghi’s elegant hairstyle

True to herself, Charlotte Casiraghi appeared with a very elaborate hairstyle to take part in the festivities at Le Rocher this Sunday. Indeed, the crowned head revealed a low bun very elegant. Her brown hair was parted in the middle and delicately slicked back. And since she doesn’t do things by halves, Raphaël and Balthazar’s mother styled her hairstyle with some pins. Flawless from head to toe!