With a new handheld, Logitech shows what Nintendo absolutely needs to do better with the switch

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Logitech presented a handheld on its “LogiPLAY”. Externally, the device is reminiscent of the popular Nintendo Switch, but there are some differences. MeinMMO editor Benedikt Schlotmann was able to try out the device.

What kind of handheld is that? A few weeks ago there were persistent rumors that the manufacturer Logitech could announce a handheld for gamers. Logitech presented exactly this device at the in-house LogiPLAY in Berlin.

Logitech G Cloud at a glance:

  • 7-inch LCD display with full HD resolution and touch function
  • 463 grams and 12 hours of battery life.
  • Xbox controller theme with vibration, gyroscope and customizable buttons.
  • The price is 299 US dollars (preorder) and 349 US dollars in stores.
  • Logitech is developing the device together with the Chinese giant Tencent.
  • I was able to try out Logitech’s new handheld extensively. You can read about my first experiences in this article.

    The new handheld.

    Ergonomics and display are noticeably better than the Nintendo Switch

    What is my first impression of the Logitech G Cloud? In a first hands-on session, I was able to try out the new handheld extensively and also compare it with my switch, which I had packed for test purposes.

    The ergonomics of the device are noticeable right from the start. The handheld feels damn good in my hand and is just the right size for me, similar to the Switch. In comparison, the Steam Deck is significantly larger and more unwieldy.

    The white switch – the similarities are unmistakable.

    In direct comparison to the switch, which I used in parallel in the test, I like the ergonomics of Logitech better than my switch. The grips are wider, more expansive and feel more comfortable, especially during longer sessions. Here the point goes to the Logitech handheld.

    Logitech G Cloud vs Nintendo Switch

    The display also makes my Switch a little jealous. Because the LCD screen of the Logitech device is razor-sharp with its Full HD resolution, the colors are quite strong and it is responsive.

    I am pleasantly surprised, especially compared to the Steam Deck and the Switch. However, as soon as there is a lot of light from lighting or the sun, the display of the Logitech G Cloud starts to reflect. Then my Switch OLED is slightly ahead again.

    All major services are available.

    Fun device that surprises me positively

    How does it play? I tried Forza Horizon 5 and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered on the device. Both fast racing games that require a certain speed of reaction.

    Both games run very smoothly and stably. While I regularly end up in a ditch, that’s due to my inability to play racing games with a controller. In Forza Horizon, I skid through a South American-themed downtown while fleeing angry police in Hot Pursuit.

    Three devices to try.

    There are some stutters when playing Forza Horizon 5, but this is mainly due to the connection to the cloud, which fluctuates in the test area. As soon as the cloud connection is lost, the game stops.

    Another positive experience: The model stays pleasantly cool throughout the session and the temperatures don’t get uncomfortably warm like with the Steam Deck or the Switch.

    Switching between different apps or programs is smooth. If you want to switch from GeForce Now to Game Pass, the previous app must be closed. An employee had explained to me that you could also easily stream Netflix and YouTube via the device.

    Me testing with the Logitech G Cloud

    Question marks behind battery life and availability

    What do I not like? The focus of the device is clearly on cloud gaming and streaming. Nothing works here without a fast and stable internet connection. Depending on where you live, the device is therefore not a solution for people looking for an alternative to the Switch or the Steam Deck.

    The second point is actually availability. Because the device will initially only be available in North America. According to Logitech, the device should also be available in Europe in 2023. I suspect that Logitech uses the American market as a test of how well the device sells in the end.

    There is a third point I can’t assess either, and that is the battery life. Logitech writes that the handheld should officially last around 12 hours. That would easily suffice for an ordinary day. But I would have to try that in a long-term test. The test devices at Logitech landed on the cable after a half-day demonstration.

    The Logitech G Cloud could fill an exciting niche

    For whom is such a device worthwhile? With its new model, Logitech is aimed at people who gamble on the go and play a lot in the cloud. And this is exactly where Logitech could find its target group.

    The G Cloud could become a real insider tip, especially for those of you who prefer to play a few rounds on your smartphone in the evening or who are otherwise casual on the go – if it makes it to Europe in 2023.

    Above all, playing mobile games like Diablo: Immortal or Genshin Impact on the device would appeal to me a lot. Playing a future Diablo IV on the Logitech G Cloud via Game Pass could also be an exciting possibility.

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