Winter sports: Fi’s board gives the “green light” for a new rights agreement – after a vote that no one knew about

SVT has previously reported on the conflict surrounding the marketing rights to competitions within the International Ski Federation.

Despite criticism from several ski nations against Fi’s plans for the TV rights to be sold centrally, Fi’s board voted yesterday to allow it to be done.

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  • – This decision represents an opportunity to lift our sport to new heights, to showcase the incredible talent and commitment of our athletes on a global stage and to establish a long-term calendar that provides stability for our World Cup hosts, says FI chairman Johan Eliasch in a statement.

    Result unknown

    The decision came after a closed, digital vote, which even the board members themselves did not know about in advance.

    – The question was on the agenda, so there were no strange things about it. But we found out during the meeting that the voting would be carried out, says the Swedish member Mats Årjes to SVT.

    Does it usually happen this way?

    – No, I haven’t been part of it and I’ve been part of it for 14 years anyway. The only times you have a closed vote are when you vote for who will win the WC.

    Exact results from the vote were not presented, according to Årjes. The only thing that was announced was that the proposal for centralized rights had passed.

    The news has attracted a lot of attention and is being criticized by several of the biggest skiing countries. According to information to SVT, NRK and EPN, it could lead to legal action, then it is unclear whether Fi’s board has the right to take the decision without the approval of the member states.

    To a direct question about whether Fis is sure that they have the legal right to make the decision, Årjes answers:

    – I think that is a great question. The only thing I can say is that there are others who have more legal insight into what is right and wrong, so I assume that you look into that.

    – If I understand this correctly, a decision like this can be appealed, and then it ends up in Congress.

    SVT has applied for Johan Eliasch.