Windows 11’s iCloud photo integration kicks off

Windows 11s iCloud photo integration kicks off

apple and Microsoft nice last month windows announced the steps. Among them one iCloud photo integration too had.

Another useful feature that brings Microsoft and Apple together is being rolled out. In this context iCloud photo archives are directly integrated into the Windows 11 operating system. According to the official statement made by Microsoft, the infrastructure opened to a certain audience today At the end of the month it will be available to everyone. Thanks to this support, people iCloud Windows 11’s built-in photos “Photos” can access through the application. In this way, there will be no need for browser access or a separate application. The process will be much more effective this way.

Settled iCloud Microsoft, which has been offering its support to Windows Insiders for a while, will have a wide release at the end of the month. It is also expected to be based in Turkey.. For people who own an iPhone but use a Windows PC (The number is incredible), this step, which is very useful, is generally welcomed very positively.


As we have mentioned before, such integrations between different ecosystems are always welcomed because they make life easier for users. It is often criticized for its closed structure. apple, In the future, it can become a more open company in terms of services it gains a serious user base.