will be colorful instead of dark, relying on Italian folklore

Enotria: The Last Song is a soulslike that appears on Steam and wants to stand out in this genre with a new concept. In the latest trailer, the developers show you the character model and their colorful setting in summery Italy.

What is Enotria about? This upcoming Soulslike not only relies on a colorful setting in a sunlit country, but also attracts with an interesting story concept.

The world has been gripped by Canovaccio – the eternal game – and is caught in a mysterious standstill. In this world you are the one without a mask and therefore the only one free from a prescribed role.

As the master of your own destiny, you embark on a battle against the game’s powerful authors. You collect different masks to gain new abilities.

The game is released for PC on Steam, PS4/PS5 and Xbox.

In the latest trailer, the developers present you the character model, including the fighting style and how good the environment created in Unreal Engine 5 looks:

New gameplay remastered with Unreal Engine 5

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What does the trailer show? In the first minute of the trailer, you are introduced to the main character, the one without a mask. Game director Stoyan Stoyanov explains some of the innovations that were made along with the switch to Unreal Engine 5.

The following character features are introduced to you:

  • Markings on the arm that glow when you gather magic for your spells
  • The maskless person can change the world around them
  • Change the mask you wear to gain new abilities
  • Three customizable “loadouts” with their own style, equipment and ability slots
  • Changing the mask seems to work smoothly in the game – at least in the imagination you can see how the character puts his hand in front of his face and, after a bright light, wears a new mask. However, it is not yet clear how the mask change will fit into the gameplay.

    The developers also present the character’s fighting style and how much his movements benefit from motion capture. The gameplay has been heavily revised because the developers want to offer a good and smooth gaming experience in addition to the interesting concept.

    The trailer shows some small battle excerpts with various attacks that promise exactly that: fluid and clear movements that mesh well with each other.

    The following gameplay features are presented:

  • Movements recorded with motion capture
  • Multiple parries for an aggressive play style
  • AI behavior of opponents
  • A little bit of craziness to make it more exciting
  • Different weapons
  • If you want to see more of Enotria and the gameplay, you can watch the official Tokyo Game Show 2023 showcase on YouTube.

    Quinta, the sunny city of eternal festivities

    Ultimately, the trailer gives you an insight into the sunny setting of the game, which was edited with Unreal Engine 5. For example, you can see flooded ruins, Mediterranean fields and towns, colorful murals and a coast full of shipwrecks.

    Among other things, you will be introduced to the first play area, the town of Quinta, with a beautiful interplay of sun and shade.

    Especially in these last minutes of the trailer it becomes clear what the developers mean when they talk about a more colorful and brighter Soulslike. The colors you expect when you think of a sunny and Mediterranean Italy can be seen everywhere.

    What do you think of this concept? With its concept and new approach, could Enotria really succeed in this genre? Feel free to join in the discussion.

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