Widespread sales on the stock exchange. Piazza Affari in decline

Widespread sales on the stock exchange Piazza Affari in decline

(Finance) – Bad day for Piazza Affari, which closes trading with a decline, together with the other Eurolists. On Wall Street, theS&P-500 trading continues with a timid decline.

In a turbulent week characterized by central banks and the outcome of European elections there France remains under special surveillance on the stock markets following the political uncertainty that has arisen in the country. President Macron has decided to go to the early vote for the legislative elections on June 30th.

On the currency market, slight decline inEuro / US Dollar, which drops to 1.07. L’Gold, increasing (+0.99%), reaches 2,326.5 dollars per ounce. Oil (Light Sweet Crude Oil) recorded a slight increase, rising to 78.31 dollars per barrel.

It goes up a lot spreadreaching +154 basis points, with a sharp increase of 10 basis points, while the 10-year BTP reports a yield of 3.88%.

Among the Euroland indices under pressure Frankfurtwhich suffered a drop of 1.45%, a slow day for Londonwhich marks a decline of 0.21%, and a negative session for Paris, which fell by 2.66%. Session to forget for the Italian Stock Exchange, with the FTSE MIB which leaves 2.81% on the ground; along the same lines, the FTSE Italia All-Share it collapsed by 2.69%, falling to 34,833 points.

The value of trades in the session of 06/14/2024 on Piazza Affari was equal to 4.24 billion euros, with an increase of 1,345.5 million euros, equal to 46.56%, compared to the previous 2, 89 billion; while the volumes traded went from 0.61 billion shares in the previous session to 0.84 billion.

Pink sweater among the FTSE MIB stocks to show a good gain, Amplifon obtains a +1.17%.

The worst performances, however, were recorded on Unicreditwhich closed at -5.55%.

Significant losses for Leonardodown 5.28%.

Breathless Ivecowhich fell by 5.12%.

Thud of Stellantiswhich shows a fall of 4.27%.

At the top of the mid-cap stocks ranking from Milan, Philogen (+2.02%), Intercos (+1.55%), MARR (+0.84%) e LU-VE Group (+0.78%).

The worst performances, however, were recorded on MFE Bwhich closed at -5.32%.

Letter about GVSwhich recorded a significant drop of 4.97%.

Goes down Aceawith a decline of 4.06%.

Collapses De’ Longhiwith a decrease of 4.03%.

Among macroeconomic events which will have the greatest influence on market trends:

Friday 06/14/2024
06:30 Japan: Services index, monthly (expected 0.4%; previously -2.3%)
06:30 Japan: Industrial production, monthly (expected -0.1%; previously 4.4%)
08:45 France: Consumer prices, monthly (expected 0%; previously 0.5%)
08:45 France: Consumer prices, annual (expected 2.2%; previously 2.2%)
11:00 am European Union: Trade balance (expected 17 billion euros; previously 23.7 billion euros).