Why you shouldn’t watch 1899 in the German dubbed version

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1899 is the highly anticipated new series project from the masterminds behind the time warp hit Dark on Netflix. But before you go into deep abysses of puzzles and start the series binge, you have to make an important decision. This determines what kind of series you get to see.

1899 is not only a puzzle masterpiece full of complex mysteries, but also a series about people from different nations who come together on board the passenger ship Kerberos. In the original version, they all speak their respective national languages. So you have to read a lot of subtitles. The temptation is great to get on completely German dubbed version switch. We can only strongly advise against this.

Original vs. Dubbed: 1899 becomes a whole different series

Before you embark on the eight-episode mystery journey, you must register with Netflix for the correct language option decide. The following is available:

  • original version: The characters speak German, English, Spanish, French, Polish and Cantonese, among others. This version is available with German subtitles. By default, the German speaking passages are not subtitled.
  • dubbed version: In this version, all different parts of the language have been dubbed into German. You don’t have to read any subtitles.
  • So why should you absolutely go for the original soundtrack? In the German version an elementary part of 1899 is lost. Because the mystery series is about people who are isolated from each other by class differences, their origin and above all by their language. And despite these barriers, they must learn to approach and understand one another.

    Among other things, there are touching moments in which two characters who cannot communicate through language find other ways of communicatingto express their feelings for each other.

    Here’s a little impression of the German Netflix synchro from 1899:

    1899 – S01 Trailer (German) HD

    Now, if everyone onboard the Kerberos speaks the same language, 1899 becomes one Series about language barriers without language barriers. In the dubbed version, you can expect a completely different series experience that completely excludes a large complex of topics. Scenes and dialogues have suddenly a completely different context.

    For example, if a scene is about a character mediating and interpreting between two parties who are separated by their language, the Dialog translated as alteredthat the characters no longer say everything twice or even get upset: “I can not understand you!“. Instead of wondering what the other person might have said, characters now respond directly when spoken to.

    However, the dialogue change doesn’t always work. This works in scenes in which characters communicate with gestures suddenly weird. We can only recommend that you watch 1899 in the original subtitled version. Otherwise you only get the half 1899 experience to see or hear.

    One benefit But the dubbed version has it: without the characters’ confusion and struggle to understand each other, the series’ shifted focus is now fully on the mystery aspect. And the riddle guessing in 1899 will require some brain power.

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    Have you checked out 1899 yet? Which language version did you choose?