Why you should strike now

Why you should strike now

It was published in November new PS5 Slim, which appears significantly slimmer. Unfortunately, prices have risen again since then. But thanks to the VAT campaign at MediaMarkt * and Saturn * The modern games console is cheaper than it has been for a long time. The Digital Edition without a drive is even available at a historic low price of well under 400 euros.

The PS5 Slim Disc Edition * It is also available at the best price, here you pay 462.18 euros, which is only just above the Black Friday price of the “old” PS5, which was 449 euros. The console with drive was only available cheaper on Black Friday at Expert on site.

Why now is a good time to finally buy the PS5

As mentioned at the beginning, prices have risen again with the release of the slim version. You won’t get the console cheaper than with the VAT promotion in the near future. The next big sale is probably Amazon Prime Day and it won’t take place until July.

But if you’re still more comfortable and not in a hurry, then it might even be worth waiting until fall, because according to some industry insiders, it could PS5 Pro coming out this year. In contrast to the purely cosmetic update of the PS5 Slim (apart from the slightly larger hard drive), I can use the Pro version a significant boost in performance hope. 4K gaming with a frame rate of 120 Hz should no longer be a thing of the future. The modern graphics technology ray tracing will also play a larger role. We can be excited.

But since none of this has been officially confirmed yet, you can use the PS5 on sale You can’t go wrong, especially if you choose the cheaper one Digital Edition * decides. And if you don’t want to do without physical games later, you can PS5 drive * simply retrofit.

You still have until Monday morning to decide, because the VAT campaign runs until February 12th at 8:59. By the way, the discount will only be deducted in your shopping cart, so don’t be surprised if you only see the correct price at the end. Enjoy browsing!

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