Why when we compete on the back of an animal, is it most often on the back of a horse?

Why when we compete on the back of an animal

My first stage is sport explained to children. Here, we answer all their questions, we decipher the rules, we tell the stories of great athletes, we learn everything about sport.

Suzanne, 9 years old, has a question about horse racing.

All around the globe, humans play sports with animals, from camel racing to elephant polo. But the most popular sporting animal is the horse. So why ? Answer in this episode.

thanks to Eric Baratay, historian, professor at Jean-Moulin University in Lyon and specialist in the history of animals for his valuable insights. He is the author of numerous works on the history of animals, the latest of which is devoted to cats: Feline cultures (18th-21st century): Cats create their history (Seuil, 2021)

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