why we need to put an end to clichés – L’Express

why we need to put an end to cliches –

In this episode of La Loupe, Sébastien Julian, Valentin Ehkirch and Baptiste Langlois, journalists in the Climate section of L’Express, check the preconceived ideas about sobriety, which we need to reduce our carbon emissions.

The team: Charlotte Baris (presentation), Mathias Penguilly (writing and editing), Jules Krot (production)

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Charlotte Baris: We started with some reports from international experts on the climate. Then activists took up the subject. Then politicians. Until the President of the Republic!

Today, almost no one questions the need for a certain sobriety to achieve our climate goals. The problem is that this concept often refers to a punitive image. That of a world where we could not drive the car we wanted, where we could not travel and where water and electricity supplies would be rationed. Under these conditions, it is difficult to convince citizens to adopt more responsible, more sober behavior.

In this episode of La Loupe, we decided to deconstruct all these preconceived ideas that make sobriety undesirable. And you will hear, there are many exaggerations on the subject.