why there will be no sequel?

why there will be no sequel

WONDER WOMAN 2. Second episode of the adventures of Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot, the superheroine film should not have a sequel. Explanations.

[Mis à jour le 19 mars 2023 à 20h00] In 2017, wonder woman is making a big comeback to the cinema in the guise of Gal Gadot. If the film is not free from defects, it obtains a certain success in theaters, which makes it possible to relaunch the DC franchise on the big screen. A suite was then commissioned, titled Wonder Woman 1984. The release, however, had to be postponed several times due to the global coronavirus pandemic, and ended up being released in March 2021 to some indifference. At the box office, the film was a critical and popular failure (169.6 million dollars at the worldwide box office for a budget of 200 million dollars), and then raised questions about the character’s future in cinema.

In December 2020, however, Warner studios confirmed that a third episode of Wonder Woman was in preparation. Like the previous two installments, it was to be directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot in the title role. But since then, James Gunn has taken over the management of DC Studios, and his creative plans for the future of the superhero franchise are very different from those of his predecessors: Henry Cavill will not ultimately return for a second Man of Steel like it could have been postponed, and the American magazine The Hollywood Reporter announces that Wonder Woman 3 will not finally see the light of day.

James Gunn remains at first evasive on the future of the character. Wonder Woman is therefore not part of the DC film projects announced on January 31. For a time, Patty Jenkins is accused for a time of having left the production of the film. On social networks, however, she recalls that she has not left the project: “I understood that I could not do anything to move things forward. […] I wish Wonder Woman and her legacy the happiest future, with or without me.” So for now, Wonder Woman 3 is not planned in the DC projects, even if it is not to be excluded that the character returns in the years to come. With or without Gal Gadot, that is the question.

Movie sheet

Imagined in 1941 by Charles Moulton, Wonder Woman is a superheroine from the DC Comics universe. Princess Diana, who is part of a tribe of Amazons, is endowed with several powers and magical accessories such as her famous lasso and bulletproof bracelets. She accomplishes many missions, especially with other vigilantes like Superman and Batman. After a cult TV series from the 1970s, a first film adaptation was released in 2017 and was a huge success.

Synopsis – After a first episode set during the First World War, Wonder Woman 1984 will take place, as its title suggests, in the 1980s. The superheroine will have to face two new enemies, Max Lord and Cheetah.

What does the 1984 of the title Wonder Woman 2 mean?

In a podcast on the site Deadline Before the release of the film, the director Patty Jenkins evoked the continuation of the adventures of Diana Prince, entitled Wonder Woman 1984. While the first part took place during the First World War, the sequel will take place in 1984 as its title indicates. But can we expect the themes evoked in Wonder Woman 2 to be linked to George Orwell’s 1984 masterpiece of anticipation?

Patty Jenkins then replied without saying too much: “Sincerely, I can’t tell you about it. All I can tell you is that the year 1984 in itself is both very evocative of what is happening in this film and echoes what is happening today. I chose 1984 for a very specific reason: it was the height of the success of the 1980s in my opinion. It was before the markets started to twitching in the 80s sequel was the top of the top. And there is something about the excess of this period that is very much related to where we are in the world right now. The film takes place that year for a reason. That’s all I would say.”