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why the government is forced to bury it for 2024

This was one of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promises. The implementation of a “summer rail pass” reserved for young people cannot take place this year, unless there is a last minute change of heart from three regions which have not given their agreement, Minister for Transport Patrice Vergriete announced on Wednesday.

“Unless there is a change of direction from the regional presidents, today, we cannot be operational in 2024 […] there will be no rail pass this summer,” the minister said on franceinfo.

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“We still do not have the agreement of all the regional presidents. Three regional presidents are missing,” he added, citing “Hervé Morin (Normandy), Xavier Bertrand (Hauts-de- France) and Laurent Wauquiez (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)” and saying they regret an “attitude without explanation”.

Regions decide on prices

The regions finance regional trains and decide on fares. The government has, according to the minister, accepted the regions’ request that the State finance 80% of the system, estimated at 15 million euros. The regions had already managed to reserve the rail pass for under 27s during the summer season.

The introduction of this monthly pass allowing unlimited travel within the territory by Intercity and TER trains, based on what Germany does, was promised by the president in September. “Of course, the government remains open and we will continue to make these proposals for 2025,” said Patrice Vergriete, who “does not want to give up.”

A summer rail pass exclusively reserved for young people already existed in France in 2020 and 2021. It concerned under-27s who, for 29 euros per month, could borrow any TER anywhere in France – except in Ile-de-France. France -, but not the Intercités.