“Why are our children still dying?” – a mother who previously survived a mass shooting demands a move to the United States

Why are our children still dying a mother who

Ashbey Beasley, who survived the mass shooting in Chicago’s Highland Park last year, is calling for stricter gun laws.

Survivor of Chicago’s Highland Park mass shooting last year Ashby Beasley stepped in front of the cameras as reporters reported on Monday’s school shooting in Nashville.

– Aren’t you tired of reporting on this, Beasley asked the reporters.

The Highland Park mass shooting happened in Chicago during the Independence Day parade on July 4, 2022.

At that time, seven people were killed and 48 wounded when a man fired at the crowd from the roof of a nearby building.

On Monday, three children and three adults were killed in an attack on a private Christian school in Nashville. The police said that the shooter had intended to attack several targets.

Ashbey Beasley, who was visiting Nashville, says that he has actively campaigned to prevent mass shootings since last year. He arrived in Nashville at the time of the school shooting by chance for a family vacation.

Beasley is appealing to lawmakers to act to change gun laws.

– School shootings will continue until our legislators step in and pass more gun-safe laws.

Biden again appealed to representatives of the Republican Party

President of the United States Joe Biden has repeatedly appealed to politicians to tighten the country’s gun laws.

After the Nasvhille shooting, Biden appealed to Republicans to support his proposed ban on assault weapons to protect schools.

– It would be high time that we make progress on the matter, Biden said.

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