who is this senior official elected with the RN in the European elections?

who is this senior official elected with the RN in

Pierre Pimpie is one of the valuable recruits of the National Rally in the European elections. Who is this shadow advisor to Marine Le Pen, elected to the European Parliament?

The arrival of profiles like that of Pierre Pimpie in the ranks of the National Rally was one of the centerpieces of the European campaign: the senior civil servant, a graduate of Sciences Po Paris and the ENA, helps to give pledges of seriously and to normalize the party on the French political scene. At 53, the man who appeared 25th on Jordan Bardella’s list therefore won a seat in the European Parliament, the RN being credited with around 30 seats depending on the results.

The current deputy general director of the public railway safety establishment (EPSF) is in fact not unknown to the National Rally: since 2021, he was part of the Horaces, this cabinet of shadow advisers responsible for giving Marine Le Pen presidential stuff. The latter even owes Pierre Pimpie the drafting of its 2022 program on the fight against social and tax fraud.

“My first political commitment”

Before his position at EPSF, Pierre Pimpie was head of the public procurement law office at the Ministry of Ecology. He also held positions within the general delegation for employment and professional training (DGEFP). His “techno” profile, as he describes it The Parisianhad something to delight the National Rally when it announced its rallying in April.

“This is my first political commitment,” confirms Pierre Pimpie to the Ile-de-France daily. But his support for Marine Le Pen is not new: “I have always been in line with this path,” he assures, “I am someone who is constant.”