who is this regular at elections and boss of the RN in Haute-Garonne?

who is this regular at elections and boss of the

The regional councilor of Occitanie, elected in the European elections in 27th position on Jordan Bardella’s list? will try to make his experience speak to the European Parliament.

Julien Leonardelli, 27th on the National Rally list in the European elections, is therefore elected to the European Parliament in view of the score achieved by the RN on Sunday June 9, synonymous with 30 seats in Strasbourg. “First of all, I want to defend France against this European institution which was built against the people and in particular against the French people. And beyond France, the South-West, my South-West that I “is particularly fond of my territory which has suffered so much from its various European policies, particularly, as we have seen, with the farmers’ crisis” he indicated at the microphone of France Bleu Occitanie.

Regional councilor for Occitanie and head of the RN in Haute-Garonne

Elected in Fronton (Haute-Garonne), salesman, Julien Leonardelli has been involved in politics for around 20 years. Today departmental secretary of the RN, he will take his place in the European Parliament after the good score achieved by the party in the 2024 European elections. Regional councilor of Occitanie, municipal councilor of Fronton and head of the RN in Haute Garonne, the 36-year-old man recently indicated that he was “faithful to the values ​​of the party and believes not to spare himself too much” since the beginning of his political involvement, first in the National Front, then in the National Rally, now chaired by Jordan Bardella.

In 2017, Julien Leonardelli reached the second round in the Legislative elections in the 5th constituency of Haute-Garonne, facing Macronist Jean-François Portarrieu. In the campaign since last June, the Haut-Garonnais “highlights the economic and energy aspect at the level of the European Union, condemning the European energy plan “responsible for the surge in household energy bills and businesses”” can we read in the columns of La Dépêche du Midi. Insecurity and immigration are also two strong markers of its philosophy and that of the National Rally, which the latter will try to permeate in Strasbourg for a period of five years, i.e. the mandate of an MEP.