who is this regional elected official at the top of the RN list for the European elections?

who is this regional elected official at the top of

Mélanie Disdier, who participated in numerous elections as a National Rally candidate, is present on the party list for the European elections in 2024 in sixth position. Who is she ?

The National Rally has decided to place strong minds, already publicized personalities or heavyweights of the party in the first places of its list for the European elections. But one candidate in the top 10 is more discreet than her running mates: Mélanie Disdier. The chosen one with a name less known than Malika Sorel (2th position) or Jean-Paul Garraud (5th position) or Thierry Mariani (9th position) happens to be Jordan Bardella’s sixth running mate.

According to the results of the polls, Mélanie Disdier has every chance of sitting in the European Parliament at the end of the vote since the projections are based on around thirty candidates elected within the Lepéniste party. The native of Ligny-en-Cambrésis, in the North, would then enter the hemicycle.

Mélanie Disdier is not in her first campaign

Municipal councilor in Caudry and regional councilor for the North, Mélanie Disdier has participated in many electoral campaigns. But she has more rarely emerged victorious from an election. The elected official participated in three municipal elections, including the most recent in 2020. She also ran in the two previous legislative elections. And during the last ballots, notably for the legislative elections of 2022, victory narrowly escaped her: arriving first during the first round, she lost in the second round with 49.42% of the votes against 50.58% for his opponent Guy Brécourt and only 443 votes apart.

The one who is in her third term as regional councilor in the North – she has been in office since 2009 – thanked her party and the president of the National Rally for the “confidence” he shows in her. “It is for me an immense honor to have been chosen by Jordan Bardella and Marine Le Pen” wrote Mélanie Disdier on X, formerly Twitter, after her nomination to the list. The RN believes that the candidate “benefits from a family heritage and in-depth expertise in the challenges facing the French” reports The Observer. It remains to be seen whether she has the qualities and knowledge necessary to sit in the European Parliament.