who is this former local elected official who will sit in the European Parliament for the RN?

who is this former local elected official who will sit

Marie Dauchy has just been elected to the European Parliament for the second time under the National Rally banner. Discover the journey of this former regional advisor.

European MP and affiliated with the “Identity and Democracy” group since July 29, 2022, Marie Dauchy, 37, was first regional advisor for Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes from 2015 to 2022, before occupying the position of advisor municipal of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne from 2020 to date. She appeared in 22nd position on the National Rally list led by Jordan Bardella for these 2024 European elections. Five years earlier, in 2019, she was already present on this same list, in 24th position. At the time, the RN had obtained 23 elected representatives in the European Parliament. She was therefore elected for the second time in Strasbourg.

Outgoing MEP and member of two committees

In the European Parliament, Marie Dauchy is a member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) and the Delegation to the EU-Mexico Joint Parliamentary Committee (D-MX). In 2020, she was elected head of the list in the municipal and community elections. Without causing a second round and with 14.91%, she became an opposition municipal councilor in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne and community councilor of the Coeur de Maurienne Arvan community of communes.

She has also been a member of the National Rally since 2012. It was in 2017 that she was a candidate for the legislative elections under the Lepéniste banner, in the third constituency of Savoie. She is eliminated in the 1st round. On January 10, 2024, the RN MEP signed an article in Valeurs contemporains on “a myriad of Islamist organizations” which would plague the European Union.“Islamist organizations in Brussels take the form in particular of associations and official representatives of Islamist states such as Qatar or Saudi Arabia who, under the guise of promoting respect for human rights and diversity, pressure on institutional decision-makers so that they communicate and legislate in line with the values ​​of the most radical Islam” we can read in particular.