Who is really the villain of the new Star Wars series? 4 possibilities as to who is behind the Sith mask

Who is really the villain of the new Star Wars

The new Star Wars series The Acolyte takes us back to the time of the High Republic. 100 years before the events of The Phantom Menace, we find ourselves in an era of peace. But appearances are deceptive, because dark forces lurk in the shadows. In the form of a mysterious Sith who orders his acolyte to kill four Jedi.

Since June 5, 2024, you can stream the first two of eight episodes on Disney+ *. And these are already giving plenty of cause for speculationwho could possibly be hiding behind the mask of the puppet master and Sith villain. You will find four exciting theories explained in this article.

The Acolyte Theory 1: One of the Jedi is a Sith double agent

In episode 2, we learn that even acolyte Mae (Amandla Stenberg) does not know the true identity of her master. She would not even recognize him if he were standing in front of her (in civilian clothes). With this realization, The Acolyte makes it more than clear: Any character in the Star Wars series could actually be the villain. Maybe even a seemingly heroic Jedi?


Should we really trust the Jedi?

There have been a number of renegade Jedi in Star Wars history who have turned to the dark side of the force. And for the mystery thriller The Acolyte, no twist would be more appropriate than the revelation that evil may have infiltrated the Jedi Order long ago. The surprise effect would be maximum if one of the main Jedi characters was revealed to be a double agent.

Four important (and still living) Jedi were presented to us in the first two episodes, which were Possible candidates for a Sith twist may be considered:

  • Sol (Jung-Jae Lee) – a highly respected master whom no one would suspect?
  • Jecki (Dafne Keen) – an innocent-looking Padawan with dark intentions?
  • Yord (Charlie Barnett) – a Jedi Knight whose rule-abiding character is just a facade?
  • Vernestra (Rebecca Henderson) – an elder of the Jedi Order who abuses her influence?
  • If main character and teacher Sol were to reveal himself as a disguised villain, this would definitely have the biggest shock effect for everyone involved. This theory is contradicted by However, in the trailer material we already see scenes in which he faces the masked Sith in battle alongside Jecki and Yord.

    In addition, the two Jedi masters Indara (Carrie-Anne Moss) and Torbin (Dean-Charles Chapman) are not out of the woods yet. Perhaps one of them used Mae’s murder order to fake his own death and later surprise everyone with a surprising villain revelation? The chances of that are very slim, however. We can also rule out Wookiee Jedi Kelnacca, who is out of the question due to his stature and height alone.

    The Acolyte Theory 2: The Sith Lord disguises himself as an inconspicuous supporting character

    The Sith don’t necessarily have to infiltrate the Jedi Order to set sinister plans in motion. For example, in the Skywalker saga, Darth Sidious posed as a politician from the Galactic Senate in order to deceive those around him. However, in The Acolyte we have only met a few characters who are not connected to the Jedi Order. A look at the series cast known so far only allows for two possible candidates for this theory.


    Qimir and mother Aniseya: innocent supporting characters?

    Jodie Turner-Smith plays the Witch Mother Aniseyawho has not appeared in the first two episodes – or has she? As a Force user, she could easily fill the position of a Sith.

    Another candidate would be the Black market dealer Qimir (Manny Jacinto), whom we meet in episode 2 as Mae’s confidant. They both work for the same master. So far, the character hardly gives the impression that he is also a powerful Sith. It cannot be ruled out that this could be a disguise for the master so that he can keep a close eye on the acolyte.

    The Acolyte Theory 3: Behind the Sith mask is a villain from Star Wars lore

    Another possibility: Behind the Sith Lord’s mask is no character that we have seen before. Especially for die-hard Star Wars fans, it would be a huge surprise if a villain known from the lore of the Star Wars saga revealed himself in the course of the series. For example, the legendary Sith Lords Dark Tenebrous or Dark Plagueisthe later master of a certain Palpatine.

    The Acolyte Theory 4: Osha deceives the Jedi and her sister

    With the twin twist surrounding the two sisters Osha and Mae, The Acolyte takes an unusual look at the two sides of the Force. While Mae is committed to the Dark Side, Osha works with the Jedi. Or is the Star Wars series trying to with this clear separation of good and evil mislead?


    Mae doesn’t even know her master

    What if Osha is actually behind the Sith mask and is training her sister as a potential student? With such a twist, The Acolyte could give us a powerful pair of sisters as Sith Master and Sith Student in the Star Wars universe.

    The Acolyte Theory 4: The villain is not a Sith at all

    A masked villain and a red lightsaber. It is therefore natural to assume that Mae’s master is a Sith. However, The Acolyte has already made it clear in the first two episodes that not everything in this story is as it seems. The mysterious villain could also reveal himself as a person who merely pretends to be a Sithto achieve their sinister goals.

    We will find out in the coming weeks whether one or more of these theories come true. New episodes of The Acolyte appear every Wednesday on Disney+. The season finale will air on July 16, 2024 be visible.

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