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Who is Alexander Stubb this is how Swedes respond

went to the center of Stockholm to find out what Swedes know about the future president of Finland.

Elsa Osipova,

Lucas Dahlström

Alexander Stubb (collective) won the Finnish presidential election on Sunday.

On Monday morning, went to Stockholm Central Station to find out what Swedes know about the future president of Finland.

Stubb’s name has become familiar to Swedes during the elections, as Stubb was the Swedes’ favorite from the beginning of the elections.

In Stockholm, however, little is known about the future president of Finland.

Swedes know, for example, that Stubb would not receive the Russian president Vladimir Putin phone call, in case Putin calls to congratulate Stubbs on his election victory.

Swedish people media have followed the Finnish presidential election closely.

Swedish newspapers, television and radio were on site at Helsinki City Hall when the election result was decided on Sunday evening. In the Swedish media, the election night was described as warm.

Sweden is expected to be the first state visit of the president

In the Swedish media, Stubb’s victory was already predicted after the first round.

In January, Dagens Nyheter introduced the presidential candidate Stubb in its big article. Svenska Dagbladet also described Stubb as a big favorite.

The first state visit of the future president is already expected in Sweden.

Prime Minister of Sweden Ulf Kristersson congratulated Stubb on his election victory on Sunday. In his congratulatory speech, Kristersson described Stubb as a strong leader.

– Soon we will be neighbors, good friends and NATO partners, Kristersson wrote on Instagram.

According to Kristersson, his and Stubb’s informal cooperation at the beginning of the Finnish and Swedish NATO processes more than a year ago created a very good basis for cooperation between the countries.