who are the actors in the casting of the TF1 series?

who are the actors in the casting of the TF1

REBECCA TF1. Adaptation of the British series “Marcella”, “Rebecca” brings together several actors in the cast, such as Anne Marivin or Benjamin Biolay.

Rebecca is the last detective series on the TV program every Thursday evening on TF1. Adaptation of Marcella, British fiction, TF1’s proposal follows the daily life of a criminal policewoman who suffers from memory loss. In full depression, she sees her family life collapse, until the day when she investigates a series of murders whose perpetrator could be a killer whom she tracked six years before. Among the victims is her husband’s mistress. Rebecca comes to wonder: is she guilty of these murders at the time of her “black-outs”?

Rebecca brings together a five-star cast. In the title role of the TF1 series, we find the actress Anne-Marivin, whom the public is more used to seeing in comedies (Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis) than in police dramas. Her husband is played by the singer Benjamin Biolay, who has already tried several acclaimed cinemas. Patrick Timsit, for his part, plays a serial killer against Samir Guesmi (Les RevENTS) and Clotilde Courau (Babysitting, L’absente) play members of the police force. Finally, Grégorie Montel (Ten percent) and Valérie Karsenti (Scenes of households) respectively play the victim’s brother and mother.

SynopsisSix years after giving up on the hunt for a serial killer, Rebecca suffers from depression, memory loss and gradually moves away from her husband and son. When a new series of murders reminding her of the crimes committed six years ago occurs, she resumes the investigation, only to discover that one of the victims is her husband’s mistress. Would she be guilty without her knowing it?