white rhinos reintroduced in Garamba Park

white rhinos reintroduced in Garamba Park

The northern white rhinoceros disappeared in the 2000s due to poaching. It took until this year for a group of southern white rhinos to be released into Garamba National Park, in the far northeast of the DRC. Sixteen individuals including males, females and children. The last group was reintroduced on Friday. They flew in from a private South African reserve. Everything will be done so that the population prospers.

With our correspondent in Johannesburg, Roman Song

A 5,000 km journey by plane and rhinos in great shape. The operation is a success for Stéphanie Baud, in charge of financing for the NGO African Parks. ” THE rhinos have does bwe travel. They arrived healthy and after a few days, and very quickly in fact, the food they were brought didn’t even interest them anymore. They immediately went to graze the grass of the park, so we can say that they adapted well To their environment. »

The last specimen, a northern white rhino, was seen in 2005. So the arrival of 16 individuals is a historic moment. “It is a dream come true and everyone is so happy to welcome these rhinos, it’s a great joy for everyone and it’s a very very good sign for Garamba and for the future of conservation in the DRC. »

The drastic drop in poaching activities has favored the reintroduction of rhinos. “ Poaching has been Above all by an armed group called the LRA. This group has really lost its power and strength. And ohn reorganized our fight strategy anti-poaching. »

Within three years, African Parks wants to reintroduce 76 rhinos in the Garamba Park and develop access to tourists.