Where to find the PS5 in stock this week? Sites where it is available

Where to find the PS5 in stock this week Sites

Do you finally want to switch to the next-gen for your gaming evenings? We find the PS5 for you at the best price on resale sites, just below.

[Mis à jour le 24 janvier 2023 à 16h02] With its DDS hard drive, its high-end performance and its very busy catalog of exclusivity, the PS5 has dominated the home console market since its release in November 2020. In addition to the shortage that has long hit its distribution in France, it remains the first choice of many French people when it comes to video games. At the moment, the PS5 is making a big comeback in stock, appearing more and more regularly on French and European resale sites. If you want to get the console, know that it is available on several sites that we list just below.

Amazon still offers the God of War: Rganrök bundle on its Amazon UK site. It is available for purchase by French consumers and would cost you around €638 including delivery and conversion. The American site is still the leader in console sales, although it often offers sales exclusively for its Amazon Prime members. At the moment, the console is absent from the other sales sites of the American giant.

Today, find three packs on sale at Fnac, a rarity for the famous French sales brand. You will find packs God of War: Ragnarök, the excellent sequel to the God of War of 2018. Three sales that are likely to be requested by French buyers, but which are also synonymous with copies sold in stores. Remember that console stocks are now much larger than before, and you will often be able to request a copy in the store even though they are not displayed on the shelves.

PS5 stocks at Fnac

Once again, CDiscount is the only French seller on the web where to find a PS5 at the moment. The company offers console packs at varying prices, ranging from the simple PS5 + game + controller combination to much more complete bundles. Count between 600 and 850 € for these offers open to all buyers. As a reminder, the selling price of the PS5 is today €550 for the Standard version and €450 for the Digital version. A console + game + controller pack is normally sold by Sony at €619.99.

A champion of peer-to-peer sales, Rakuten has long been a go-to site for second-hand PS5 sales. A good way to get the console at a much higher price at the worst times of the shortage in recent years. At this time, you will be able to find very relevant offers for Sony’s console on the resale platform, whether new or used. Here are the best PS5 deals at Rakuten.