Where the Lie Falls reached a milestone and almost cost its star his life

Where the Lie Falls reached a milestone and almost cost

In recent years, the range of roles available for complex female characters has increased significantly. Since then, RomComs also seem to have gone out of fashion. But where the lie falls revives a genre that was thought to be dead new and incredibly entertaining.

The funny comedy appears on Blu-ray on June 20th * and DVD * and can already be pre-ordered on Amazon.

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That’s what Where the Lie Falls is about

After a fantastic first date, Bea (Sydney Sweeney) and Ben (Glen Powell) unexpectedly go their separate ways. Everyone blames each other for this and from the tender flirtation dislike arises. But when their two friends Halle (Hadley Robinson) and Claudia (Alexandra Shipp) get married, the two bickerers meet again and decide to pretend to be a couple in front of the entire wedding party.


Glen Powell and Sidney Sweeney in Where the Lie Falls

Where the lie falls reaches milestone

It’s been a long time since Katherine Heigl, Matthew McConaughey or Cameron Diaz topped the box office charts in cheerful romantic comedies. But Where the Lie Falls down became a real box office hit grossed $170 million worldwide (via The Numbers). According to Variety, only one RomCom with an R rating has previously managed to break the 100,000 million mark, namely Bridget Jones’ Baby from 2016. The film also landed in Germany on its opening weekend Number 1 in the German cinema chartsas the industry service Blickpunkt: Film reported.

Glen Powell almost lost his life while filming

Who would have thought that filming a romantic comedy would be more dangerous than filming an action flick? Glen Powell, who previously worked in the Aviation film Top Gun: Maverick took part in Where the Lie Falls, of all things, while filming in a helicopter Fear for his life. Speaking to Rolling Stone, Powell says:

The helicopter had serious mechanical problems and we had to make an emergency landing in a nearby field. If we had crashed, we would have been history. There would be nothing left of us. I didn’t survive Top Gun: Maverick only to die in a RomCom.

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