where are the plans for a new identity card and an overhaul of the electoral list?

where are the plans for a new identity card and

This Monday, the new Gabonese Prime Minister took stock of two sensitive issues in this election year: the production of the new biometric identity card and the overhaul of the electoral list. Both projects are experiencing delays. The opposition has repeatedly stepped up.

Alain-Claude Bilie-By-Nze seems optimistic. For the identity card, in a few weeks we will know the schedule for collecting data from citizens.

Gabon has not issued a new card since 2015 and the termination of the contract with the Belgian Semlex. Since then, Libreville has signed with Gemalto, but the French Thalès is preparing to take over.

According to a good source, the company has already received an advance. The legal aspects have been examined. The company provided the production software. There are still technical points to be settled because the process is complex “. The new card must, for example, inform the blood group.

Gabon is now awaiting the delivery of production machinery from “ one of the most reliable and secure cards in Africa as the Prime Minister described it.

Regarding the update of the electoral list. The start was delayed for several months for budgetary reasons. On Monday, Alain-Claude Bilie-By-Nze said he hoped for a launch by March. According to a good source, Thalès has already trained the managers who themselves will train the agents.

Except that the overhaul must be spread over 45 days, then it will take at least two months to process the list, including complaints. However, it must be submitted to the Elections Council one month before the election. The schedule is therefore tight. Especially since the future power-opposition political consultation will be added. A good source therefore mentions “ a risk of having to postpone the presidential election », traditionally organized in August.