When will the next episode come to Amazon and who are the participants?

When will the next episode come to Amazon and who

Germany’s toughest reality show returns today. But in season 3 of 7 vs. Wild (almost) everything is different. Find out in this article which participants are traveling into the wilderness and when the new episode will come to Amazon Freevee *. And: Why is the show suddenly no longer on YouTube?

Broadcast dates: When is the next episode of 7 vs. Wild?

Starting today, Amazon Freevee has new episodes of Season 3 7 vs. Wild every Tuesday and Friday. That means: The next episode 7 vs. Wild Season 3 is coming to Amazon Freevee next Friday, November 3, 2023. It will now continue in this rhythm for around eight weeks, because so far the seasons have consisted of 16 episodes each.

Who are the teams in 7 vs. Wild Season 3?

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All participants in 7 vs. Wild Season 3

What is 7 vs. Wild about?

Seven teams, each consisting of two people, will be released into the Canadian wilderness for 14 days. In the previous two seasons, seven participants spent seven days in Sweden or Panama alone. The goal: to last as long as possible with only rudimentary survival equipment. The participants film themselves the entire time. There is no camera team.

Why are the episodes on Freevee and no longer on YouTube?

7 vs. Wild was created in 2021 as a pure YouTube format based on an idea by Fritz Meinecke, who took part in all seasons broadcast to date. The production effort increased significantly in season 2. In season 3, Amazon Freevee took part in the implementation and in return received the first broadcast rights.

When will the new episodes come to YouTube?

The third season can initially be seen exclusively on Amazon Freevee. From then on November 29th The new episodes will then start on the official YouTube channel of 7 vs. Wild. The episodes there also run at the usual weekly rhythm.

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