When Will Steam Deck 2 Be Released? Is It Until 2025?

When Will Steam Deck 2 Be Released Is It Until

Recently, Steam Deck Oled was introduced by its developer Valve. Valve also mentioned Steam Deck 2 in the promotion, but what they said upset those who were waiting for the new version of Steam Deck. According to Valve’s statements, there seems to be still time for the product to be released. Alright, When will Steam Deck 2 be released? Is it 2025?

When Will Steam Deck 2 Be Released?

Valve’s new product, Steam Deck Oled, was announced yesterday. It was known that the company was working on a new product, but it was not known that this product was an Oled screen that would be built into the original Steam Deck. Thanks to the Oled screen The original product will now deliver truer blacks. The 7.4-inch game console with Steam Deck Oled 6nm processor has 90 Hz, 1,000 Nit OLED screen features. The product offers a 50 percent longer lifespan thanks to its new hardware features.

Steam Deck OLED Features and Price You can take a look here.

Besides all this, the gaming world was waiting for good news about Steam Deck 2. However, according to the statements, the game console in question will not be on the market anytime soon. From the creators of Steam Deck Lawrence Yang, Steam Deck Oled He then announced that Steam Deck 2 work would begin. According to Yang, the game console in question will have a “new generation power upgrade”.

Yang: We Are Very Satisfied with Steam Deck Oled!

According to Lawrence Yang’s statements, the Steam Deck game console currently on the market will continue to be used for another 2-3 years. It is understood from the statements that there is no rush for Steam Deck. Product release date 2025 or even early 2026 It looks like it’s stuck.

In his statement, Yang stated that they are very satisfied with their current consoles and that they do not plan a date for Steam Deck 2. He said that the development team will make a leap when Steam Deck 2 is needed technologically. Yang, Steam Deck Oled He stated that they were extremely pleased with the version and that the user would be happy as well. However, the Steam Deck Oled release date is planned for November 16.

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The new version of Steam Deck is Steam Deck OledIt will be better in terms of screen and battery life, but it will not be much different from the old version in terms of hardware features, that is, performance. We can say that the company does not like annual product launches like Apple’s marketing strategy.

Valve’s Place in the Gaming Market

Valve stated that the Steam Deck LCD and Oled consoles are just the beginning and that they will produce consoles beyond these versions. portable game console Comparing the market with the first period of smartphones, the manufacturer stated that there will not be as fast a spread as the phone in this field, but they will continue to produce new game consoles.

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Stating that competition in the portable game console market is increasing day by day, Valve stated that they have an advantage over many brands in this market. Talking about the direct communication it has with game developers, Valve talked about the optimal gaming experience on its systems. In support of these words, currently Over 4000 games Steam Deck in suitable condition.