When the parrot Athena disappeared, the people of Visby got together

The parrot Athena was frightened by seagulls and disappeared without a trace.
It made the people of Visby come together and everything had a happy ending.
– Thank you so much, I don’t know what I would do without the support, says a relieved Lovisa Gustafsson.

Lovisa Gustafsson, 25, helps with an adventure game where she plays a pirate. Then her parrot Athena usually hangs out sometimes, where the parrot acts as the pirate’s bird.

But this time it didn’t turn out quite as they planned. On Saturday morning, when Lovisa and Athena were busy entertaining the children at the eastern center in Visby, they received an unwelcome visitor.

“Damn seagulls” scared the parrot away.

“Never met such angry seagulls”

– Athena is a free flyer and usually stays 500 meters around me. The first lap I let her go, everything went well, but the second time, when she was on her way back to me, she was met by four angry seagulls, says Lovisa when TV4 Nyheterna calls up.

– She has never met seagulls that were angry before, so of course she got scared. She thought: no other bird has dared to muck with me – what is this now.

After Lovisa herself searched for her companion for an hour or so without success, she chose to call for Athena on Facebook.

It went viral and in just a few hours the post had been shared 400 times.

– I thought that a drunk person who walks home from the pub and sees a parrot will not be silent about it, says Lovisa, who, however, did not manage to find her bird for the whole evening despite help from several Visby residents.

“Didn’t leave my arms all day”

The turnaround came early the next morning.

– We had received tips about looking at the port. But she wasn’t there. Finally we found her by me calling her name and she answered with mom. Then I could start running “Marco Polo” with Athena to locate her.

– She was stuck in a tree, but once we got her free, she threw herself into my arms and didn’t leave me for the whole day.

How is she now?

– She was a little sore and very tired. But otherwise she seems to have taken it all in stride!