When Russia and China eye our overseas territories – L’Express

When Russia and China eye our overseas territories – LExpress

In this episode of La Loupe, Alexandra Saviana, journalist in the Société de L’Express department, discusses the increasingly strong presence of China and Russia overseas.

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The team: Charlotte Baris (presentation and writing), Léa Bertrand (editing) and Jules Krot (production).

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Charlotte Baris: A few weeks ago, we devoted an episode to a small country in the Caucasus, Azerbaijan. If you listened to it, you may remember that it started with a story about bedbugs.

For those who missed it, here is a short summary: from the invasion of these pests last September, to the risks weighing on the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer, a journalist from L’Express discovered that numerous accounts on social networks, linked to Azerbaijan, participated in a campaign to destabilize France. The reason: we would be too close, depending on the country, to its Armenian adversary.

But you will discover in this new episode that it is not the only State which is trying to weaken us. Far from it… Russia and China, too, are increasing their interference against France with a very specific target: overseas.

From New Caledonia to Tahiti via Guadeloupe or Guyana, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are determined to play disruptors, in these territories far from the metropolis. And you will hear, the consequences could be much more serious than a simple psychosis around bedbugs.

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