When Kennet Andersson lectured Roberto Baggio himself – who left the room like an embarrassed dog

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Kennet Andersson got tired of Roberto Baggio’s behavior.
The scolding made the star leave the dressing room like a shamed dog.
– It’s not fair. You just don’t do it that way, said the Swede in the lecture.

For Swedish football lovers, Kennet Andersson will always be remembered for his incredible efforts in the summer of 1994. Sweden shocked the world during the World Cup, and the squad played the football of their lives, all the way to a sensational bronze medal. And one of the absolutely most important players was Kennet Andersson.

Star in Bologna

The striker accounted for a mind-boggling five goals, and for one summer he was actually one of the most toxic, and most sought-after, players in all of Europe. Before the championship, Andersson had already agreed with French Caen, but there was only one season, and from 1995 to 2000 there were only games in Italy. Andersson’s greatest success was in Bologna, where he played with superstar Roberto Baggio, among other things.

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980405 Kennet Andersson, Bologna © Bildbyrån

Roberto Baggio had been one of the world’s best footballers in the early 90s, but spent one season in Bologna. However, Kennet Andersson didn’t care much that one of football’s biggest stars was in the same dressing room. The Swede stood up for what was right, and wasn’t afraid to speak up if something was wrong. And it ended with a real scolding directed at the icon.

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Scolded Baggio

Kennet Andersson describes himself as fairly quiet during his time in Bologna, but when Roberto Baggio was poked in a match against Juventus, his former team, he could no longer sit quietly on the sidelines and watch. Baggio responded by coming late to the match gathering.

– I didn’t say much in the team. I got pissed off maybe twice a season. That time I really did. I also think it was wrong that he was not allowed to play against Juventus. But not being on time, then my justice pathos came out, says Kennet Andersson to Expressen.

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980301 Roberto Baggio, Bologna © 4 Bildbyrån

Once Roberto Baggio came to the dressing room, irritated and late, Andersson couldn’t hold back any longer.

– It was wrong of the coaches not to take you out. But you have to come to the game like the rest of us. When you don’t, then you say the rest of us are shit. It’s not fair. You just don’t do it that way, said the Swede.

And Andersson’s anger produced the desired result. Baggio should have laid low, admitted his mistake – and then not behaved in a similar way again. Talk about the right act by Kennet Andersson – no one is bigger than the team!

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